Amazing Cheap Internet

Posted: 05UTC24 10,2011 in jadul

Amazing Cheap Internet

January 20th, 2005 by mirone

Internet make me feel amazed. I can see the world without boundaries and know much information faster which is impossible for me to get some years ago. I can do surfing, browsing, chatting even piping porn-site without feeling afraid of being caught.

Now, I feel closed with internet. Because I could get cheap price for the installation at my home. Fancy that! when I woke up in the morning, I could directly access my email, practising my english through chatting, get the latest information from the world, and sometimes I can know rumous about my friends, important people. And I dont have to get rush to office or internet cafe.

I’ll just have to pay Rp 100.000 including the phone pulse, subscription fee and the unlimited number of the bytes downloaded. Imagine that! It’s all covered in that monthly fee. I still can use my home telephone or my mobile either income and outcome calls without being bothered, as the internet installation is separated with the phone installation.

It’s all because the program launched by Omno S Purbo. I think he is one of the pioner of changes in information (internet) reformation. I hope that goverment can imitate Omno’s program, to give cheap internet  (if possible free)  for all Indonesian people from big cities to remote area.


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